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A good logo sums up the business and becomes an icon for the employees and the brand. Following a carefully crafted identity design process, I am able to provide you with the best strategic designs possible. This enables you to create your brand strategy from the ground up.

Logo Design Blog From Yorkshire

Andy Backhouse

Andy Backhouse started Launch Logos after decades experience as a web designer. He brings with him a keen eye to current trends whilst paying due to what has passed before hand. Read what makes him tick…

design blog
“Truly iconic design will also be simple, relevant, enduring, distinctive, memorable, adaptive and timeless.”

– Launch Logos

Can Logos Change Anything?

Can Logos Change Anything?

Corporate Logos help us distinguish one organisation from another. The way a logo does this is by reflecting the activities, values and attributes that represent the organisation best in the view of the organisation's leaders. A good logo can...

Can Logos Change Anything?

What Is A Logo?

Broadly speaking, logos are commissioned by companies as part of a wider branding programme and then developed by in-house graphic designers or put out to Freelancers or Agencies. Approval for the design normally has to be sought from senior...

Can Logos Change Anything?

Tip #1: Leadinfo

As I mention in my previous post, I have a long history as a web designer. However, I have undertaken training and I now offer Logo Design as a freelance graphic designer, in Harrogate Yorkshire. It is about Leadinfo - a web design app - that I...

Can Logos Change Anything?

We Have Launched!

We are off to a great start - I have been busy building the website for this side project and I am just dotting the digital "i's" and crossing the cyber "t's". We are ready for business...The last point of contact for the site was this Blog - I have been thinking if I...

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