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I design brands. I take ideas and turn them into visual identities that communicate a companies mission. My Yorkshire studio works for local businesses as well as international companies, designing brands for the corporate world and for individuals.

I cultivate brands, large and small, to find their visual voice, distinct message and personality. No project too small or too large. I’m inspired by the original, and bring that to my work. I am committed to staying on top of design trends and technology, reflecting that back to every client with every effort. I believe in the philosophy that ‘less is more.’ A clean, clear image gives an instant message.

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I started out as an English Teacher in China – years (decades!) ago. I admit I was not the quickest at picking up the local dialect because everyone I met wanted to practice their english on me.

When I left work and journeyed out to Western China, back packing, the patois had changed. I could not communicate verbally. I had to rely on images and identities. Brands, signs and warning leaflets stopped me from getting in to mischief.

I trained up to be a web designer upon returning to the UK. I have been working at the bleeding edge of web design for nearly six years now. But, I am growing restless – “I want to see Mountains again, Gandalf!”

I have completed my study as a Logo Designer and I am released back in to the public. I am available to make your logo how you want it and to give an initial steer on the development and content of it.