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We Have Launched!

Aug 12, 2021 | About The Business

We are off to a great start – I have been busy building the website for this side project and I am just dotting the digital “i’s” and crossing the cyber “t’s”. We are ready for business…

The last point of contact for the site was this Blog – I have been thinking if I really need another Blog. Hell YES!

I am all for Long Tail SEO so on this Blog I will write a bit about Book Reviews, tips I have learned along the way and other bits and bobs.

There is a Newsletter ready for your eyes. Just head to the sign up forms dotted around this website or head to to sign up. Zero Spam. Promise.

The rest of my day will be spent getting past logos designed (going back to 2019) ready for Social Media. We have a small foothold in Social Media. The link is in the footer – if they grow over time then I will keep adding to the footer.

So, thanks for listening. Launch Logos is a logo design agency in the heart of North Yorkshire.

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