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Launch Logos

A Logo Design Agency In Yorkshire

A Specialist Freelance Graphic Designer

Logo Designer In Yorkshire

Launch Logos

As a specialist freelance graphic designer, Launch Logos design unique branding & identities for forward thinking organisations. Being a one-man logo design agency, Andrew is passionate about logo design & branding. He aims to offer a logo design service where he can create a timeless mark for your growing company that’s simple, memorable, versatile and timeless.


“I wanted to create a truly original logo design agency in the heart of Yorkshire.”

– Launch Logos

logo design agency

Specialist Freelance Graphic Designer

Printed graphics and digital literature can created a dazzling first impression – and, first impressions count. I use a 5 step identity design process which takes into account everything from the services you offer to the tone of voice you use to connect with your ideal customer.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a mighty big cheese to cut – I am able to take on the work thrown at me in logo design to create a digital file or a print rendering to your specification, with advice on what fits best.

logo design agency

Logo Design Agency Yorkshire

A good logo sums up the business and becomes an icon for the employees and the brand. Following a carefully crafted identity design process, I am able to provide you with the best strategic designs possible. This enables you to create your brand strategy from the ground up.

Logo Design

When it comes to logo design, nothing speaks of loyalty quite like Apple’s half-bitten fruit or Nike’s Swoosh. These have become engrained on our psyche as an ambassador of quality – and the logo speaks about that, inspiring millions of £££ invested in the brand. Do you want to be as recognisable?

Why Hire A One-Man Logo Design Agency?

Following a carefully crafted identity design process, I offer a Logo Design Service & I am able to focus on and meet strategic goals. This not only helps you to select the most suitable design for your business, but also ensures that the logo design will be a success.

Logo design can come in many shapes and forms, from simple logotype based logos, through to monograms and emblems or badges. I am offering to advise on the best approach based on your industry, goals and target audience.

If you’re interested to work with Launch Logos on your logo or brand identity, fill out the brief HERE.


I am a one-man logo design agency. I will present 3 options based on the objectives agreed upon, which will be presented with supporting imagery so you can imagine how the identity will look in real life. I make an effort to have a reason for every design decision, from the choice of type through to the colours used, giving you an identifiable device for your trademark that will perform.


Once the logo is complete the design will be provided to you in numerous formats. This includes vector files (Ai, EPS, SVG and PDF) and well as raster formats (JPEG and PNG). Along with this, a supporting usage document will be included. Unlike some companies, you will also own full copyright to your design. The is the meat of being a one-man logo design agency.


The logo design created for your business won’t just stand out from the crowd but will become a timeless expression of your business identity. This will allow you to have a symbol that will successfully communicate, engage with, and retain your audience more effectively than before. I am a specialist freelance graphic designer working as a logo design agency.


How Much Does A Logo Cost?

I am a skilled worker and I charge as a package. I charge the equivalent of £50/hour to make you a unique logo. With a solid brief, it takes me around 10 – 15 hours to make the logo – so the fee for everything will be reduced to ten hours, £500.

Based upon your requirements and the data you submit to me on my online form, I will be able to get a start so that we are both happy to proceed to ideation and the design stage.

I will need to research you business and work with you and your team to get the best logo for your business.

Some logos can be made in a day, sat at my desk furiously scribbling, others can take up to five days. You will not pay more than £500 or less than £500.

Get in touch for a chat and we can move forward from there. You can reach me on my contact page.

What Will I Get With My Logo Design?

You will receive three unique logo design concepts for consideration, demonstrated in a PDF presentation which shows examples of the logos in use.

What Type Of File Will I Get When You Make Me A Logo?
  • editable vector files
    [ .ai format ]
  • files produced in various usages (reverse, stacked, icon, etc.)
    [ .jpg + .png formats ]

The files I give you ensure your logo is ready for print and digital use.

How Many Revisions Can I Make?

As many as you need however, as a Logo Designer, I should be close to the mark with the original design and many revisions are not typically necessary.

I spend a good while researching your brand – there is a lengthy consultation process. This helps me know you, and your audience, better.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Logo?

It takes an initial Questionnaire being filled out so that we know what you are after (and, more to the point, not after) and then we will set to the ideating and design process, once the initial building blocks are in place.

Do You Do Much Other Graphic Design?

I try not to, basically – I offer a Logo Design Service. There are better people for making business cards and flyers out there; my strengths are Logo Design and Web Design.

If you need advice on who to go to just get on contact with me.

But, I hope to help you as a one-man logo design agency.

Andrew was fantastic, very patient with me as I had no clue what I wanted or where to start. We chatted about what i thought I wanted and worked through the process together until I was satisfied with the final piece. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andy and if I was considering a website he’d be my first go to.


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